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Hi! I'm Farah. 

I’m a classically trained Pakistani-American professional singer and teacher, a voiceover actor, and a visual artist. I’m proud to bring a breadth of experience, a sense of curiosity, and a spirit of joyful collaboration to all of my work.

I have been fortunate to lend my voice to numerous film, TV, and video game soundtracks, such as Mission Impossible 4, Big Bang Theory, Disney Animation, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and many more. 

I am a versatile voiceover talent with a mellow, relatable timbre. I’ve voiced digital marketing campaigns, explainer videos, and PSAs for a number of high profile clients, including Carrot Fertility, Happify Health, and the World Health Organization.

When I’m not busy in the recording studio, I’m doing mom stuff with my two sweet boys, hanging out with my husband and my cat Rosie, or working on my henna art. Connect with me on Instagram: @peanutkidwai

Thanks for visiting and listening.



Let's Collaborate! 

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